Privacy Statement

In compliance with the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules 2011 (the “IT Rules”) contained in the Information Technology Act 2000, the has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy, our policy on information gathering and dissemination practices for this website.

Personal Information

We maintain a record of all information that you submit to We will not disclose to third parties any personally identifiable information about you or about any of your designated/authorized Deputies, message recipients, or anybody you identify in the course of using any of the services provided here at

Our site’s registration form requires users to give us contact information (such as their name and email address). Your member registration and contact information (such as your name and email address) is stored in your member profile. This information can be accessed by the owners, administrators and support staff of the website to contact you or your authorized Deputies and to send the user, information about our company and promotional material, and for any other reasons relating to the services offered through the site.

Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures

This site uses state-of-the-art digital encryption and security technologies to protect the privacy and security of our member information and The Company shall take reasonable steps and measures to protect the security of the customer’s personal information from misuse and loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

The Company, through individual Non-disclosure Agreements, ensures that its employees respect the confidentiality of any personal information on the website.

Furthermore, all sensitive personal information is stored in a highly encrypted format on the cloud to ensure that the only way possible to access and view the sensitive personal information stored here by a member is by using a private internal encryption key which is unique for every member. Our software algorithms ensure that the encryption and decryption of a member’s sensitive personal information can only be performed by the member themselves, or by the Deputies only after the member’s demise. It is not even possible for the operators of this web site to decrypt a member’s sensitive personal information without knowledge of this encryption key. Note that some services require temporary decryption of a member’s documents as part of the operation of providing that service. For example, if the member wants to have their Will reviewed by one of our legal professionals, or wants to have their documents printed and mailed to them, then the software will automatically decrypt these documents as part of the member’s instructions to have these services performed.