Are you worried about storing your personal information on the digital platform? Are you frightened about its security? Are you concerned about storage space? Gift My Legacy is there to take away all your worries. Store all your personal information on investments, finances, gold and property details, government document numbers etc on a digitally secure platform unlimitedly, to access it anytime, anywhere. And when you will be gone, don’t worry we will firmly pass all the documents in read-only format to your family through your executor and close your account. So, we’ve got you well covered!

Here's how it works

Fill in a few details

Share your personal, financial, legal details in our e-vault, which is securely guarded by strong encryptions. Nobody except you can get access to it. Even we don’t know what you are saving.

Appoint someone you trust as an executor

An executor is a person who will act as a liaison between your family and Gift My Legacy after you. He/she will be responsible for sending us the death certificate, after which we will give them a call and verify the news.

Appoint someone you trust as a nominee

You can add one of the executors as your nominee, however, it is generally not advisable. A nominee is a person who will eventually get access to your vault and the data stored in it. However, a nominee may not necessarily be the person who will ultimately inherit your wealth as mentioned in your Will. You also may not keep a nominee and we will close your account after sharing the information.