Gift My Legacy is India’s first online portal to create a legally tenable digital Will that meets the basic legal requirement. We also allow you to store all the relevant and critical documents in our electronic vault for your family, who can access it if something happens to you. With us, you will have the security like nowhere else and can save yourself from all the hassles of getting a Will done. Gift My Legacy was designed and developed with the premise that when a person passes away, the family can access all the assets and liable information with a minimal stress. Gift My Legacy is your one stop shop for all things important.


Rajeev experienced a personal tragedy of losing his father.

2012 to 2015

Rajeev went through a tough time and gathered investment information, consolidated and collected legal documents like succession certificate etc.

Mid - 2016

The idea to help others create a Will and store all relevant data struck Rajeev.

End - 2016 was born.


The product was developed and the company bagged the first paid customer.

2017 - 2018

This was a year of growth with Rajeev's friends and family. The company gathered around 250+ B2C clients and a B2B client named Karvy Private Wealth.


B2B clients IMMPL and Anvayaa signed on and started the journey with the company.

about us

Thought Leadership

A personal tragedy, the daunting task of collecting the odd ends of governmental paperwork in an already delicate state, led me to conceive a digitally secure platform to store and build people’s legacies. This empathy led to an idea which eventually unfolded into Gift My Legacy after intensive research and consultation with professionals from a related field. I would extend my help by creating digital Will and storing legal and normal documents in our e-vault so that one can avoid the struggles of all these in an emotional state.

Our Advisors

Lakshmi Prasanna <small>Independent Strategic Advisor</small>
Shakti Sagar <small>Independent Strategic Advisor</small>
Vakils Associated <small>Legal Advisers</small>
Poovannan Sivalingam <small>Chief Technology Advisor</small>